Meet IntegrateNYC's Leadership Council Members:


Yana Kalmyka
Director of Legal Research
Former District 22 Delegate    

Yana believes that all students deserve to experience integrated school environments where they feel safe, affirmed, and challenged to reach their fullest potential. As an immigrant and the first in her family on track to graduate with a four-year degree, Yana’s commitment to public education is deeply rooted in her firsthand experience with the transformative nature of well-equipped public schools. Her work as a student activist grappling with complicated issues of law and public policy has cemented her drive to open up these conversations to young people so that they can have their voices heard. Upon completing her Bachelor’s degree at Cornell University, Yana hopes to go on to study law or policy at a graduate/professional level. Her goal is to continue finding ways to make the legislative world more accessible to youth, and to others who have been traditionally closed off from and marginalized by it.

DeKaila Wilson
Director of Decriminalization
District 11 Delegate

Daija Norford
Restorative Justice Committee Lead
District 11 Delegate

Julisa Perez
Director of Local Outreach
Former Relations Committee Lead
Former District 22 Delegate


Aneth Naranjo
Direction of Youth Engagement
Former Relationships Committee Lead
Former District 22 Delegate

As a freshman in high school, Aneth  joined the Hispanos Unidos club which showed her what she wanted to do in life: give young people a voice. The Hispanos Unidos club, for which she was later appointed president, helped Aneth build her leadership and involvement in youth activism. Aneth joined IntegrateNYC her junior year of high school when she also joined the Respect For All Coalition and participated in the exchange between Bronx Letters and Leon M. Goldstein. Her dedication to youth empowerment led her to be the Director of Youth Engagement. Aneth is currently a freshman at John Jay College, where she is also secretary of the Latin American Student Organization.

Matt Gonzales
Policy Coach
Former Adult Ally

Leanne Nunes
Director of Equity
Teacher Representation Committee Lead
Former District 11 Delegate

Matthew Diaz
Director of National Outreach
District 7 Delegate

Matthew is 16-years-old and a junior at The Bronx Academy of Letters, a middle and high school located in the South Bronx. Last year he joined an elective class called IntegrateNYC4Me, a class that sparked a citywide movement held by student activists concerned about school segregation. Specific concerns included lunch quality, sports access, curricular offerings, and music and arts programs. A large group of students were really interested in studying the effects of school segregation and examining how the disparities among schools in the city affected the school community.  Matthew is now the Youth Director of National Outreach and a committee member of the NYC Fair Play Coalition.  He intends to commit his life to transforming political systems and communities in NYC and Puerto Rico.

Elijah Fox
Co-Chair of the Board of Directors
Former District 12 Delegate

Elijah got involved in IntegrateNYC through his city councilmber, Brad Lander, a strong proponent of school integration, whom he interned with for two years. During his senior year of high school at the Beacon School, he worked as the co-lead of the Race and Enrollment Comittee, heading projects such as the design of an equitable enrollment algorithm for New York City high schools. Now, as a freshman at Cornell Univeristy, Elijah serves as co-chairman of the board of directors for IntegrateNYC in continued pursuit of a just education system.

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Iman Abdul
Director of Curriculum Design and Educational Engagement
Former District 22 Delegate

From a young age, Iman Abdul dedicating her life to empowering New York City youth.  As a high school student, she was an active member of the Black Student Union, Hispanos Unidos, and a founding member of the Respect for All Coalition to promote school diversity and tolerance. During this time she engaged in a city-wide school exchange, conducted research on school segregation, and a participated in policy discussions with city government officials and a deputy chancellor of education. Her path of activism and student voice advocacy has led her to become the Education and Curriculum Specialist Intern for IntegrateNYC, solidifying her commitment to tackling school segregation within the NYC public education school system. She is currently enrolled at The City College of New York, living in her native city (born and raised in Brooklyn), studying Childhood Education and Latin American & Caribbean Studies.

Sarah Zapiler
Executive Youth Coach
Former Adult Ally

Sarah (a.k.a. Zaps) is driven by the idea that every person has a wealth of unique gifts to offer. She is also a Dream Director with The Future Project where she supports young people in putting their dreams and passions into action. Working in schools, Zaps saw first-hand the ways deep structural inequities were getting in the way of amazing young people being the leaders and learners they naturally are. 

Amina Fofana
Creative Director
Artivist Committee Lead
Former District 7 Delegate

Hebh Jamal
Director of Public Relations
Former District 12 Delegate

Hebh is a visionary revolutionary leader.  At the age of fifteen she became a well-known advocate in education reform known for her wisdom about the impact of injustice and her vision for the possibility of a transformed society.  Hebh was featured in the NY Times in “Young Muslim Americans Are Feeling the Strain of Suspicion” for her perspective on the impact of Islamophobia on young Muslims and her vision for a more conscious, educated, harmonious society.  Since then, she has continued to be a voice for integrated, equitable schools for NYC and co-created the first ever City-Wide Youth Council on School Integration run by IntegrateNYC. 

Frantzy Luzincourt
Director of Strategy and Operations
Former District 22 Delegate

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Frantzy Luzincourt has been a fierce advocate for educational justice since he was only 15 years old. As a man of color he has dedicated his life to public service and the uplifting of those around him, in the hopes of inspiring a new generation of youth leaders motivated to tackle our nation’s most pressing issues. Currently he is a Macaulay Honors student studying the intersection between politics, race, and the law at The City College of New York. He works as our Director of Organizational Strategy and Policy, advancing school integration efforts city and state wide.


Sarah Camiscoli
Founder and Executive Director
Former Teacher District 7

Sarah is committed to transforming school systems so that a sound, basic education and self-actualization are available for all students regardless of race, class, family structure, or gender. Her experience in education reform and advocacy ranges from teaching ESL in District 7 of the South Bronx, working with The Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies as an educational consultant, conducting educational research for Sesame Street's Plaza Mexico, and organizing for restorative justice practices with Teachers Unite. In 2014, she co-founded IntegrateNYC with six students from her high school advisory class. She is committed to building democratically elected committees of students within the city, state, and national departments of education so that every young person can co-create, inform, and sustain the integrated schools that they attend.

Maurice Blackmon
Current Teacher, District 22
Advocacy Coach