We are committed to bringing the rich diversity of our city into our schools through collaborative projects and expanding school communities through exchange.


No Scan Zone Movement

District 15 + Beyond

In the 2015-2016 school year, middle and high school students from District 15 collaborated to investigate the history of segregation, possibility of integration, and the significance of the existence of a scanner (metal detector) in the front of their building. 

6 Train Exchange

District 7 + District 2

Students from District 7 and District 2 worked on a week long school-to-school exchange and collaborative mural project in the 2014-2015 school year. They explored the impact of separation and segregation together as schools with dramatically different student bodies by race and class. They called it “The 6 Train Exchange” because they are only separated by several stops on the 6 train. 

Yellow Bus Exchange

District 22 + District 7

Students and teachers from District 22 and District 7 came together to ask two pressing questions from two different sides the city: "What would it look like to integrate NYC high schools and what do we need to make it happen?"  


Teachers Unite

IntegrateNYC4me fans joined with Teachers Unite members in sharing skills and strategies for growing Transformative Justice and building inclusive, democratic NYC schools in collaboration with youth and parents through organizing for integration.