Students from IntegrateNYC Speak to Teaching Tolerance on Police in Schools

In the latest issue of Teaching Tolerance, IntegrateNYC student interns from Bronx Academy of Letters speak about the discomfort of police presence in schools. They also comment on the excessive police presence found in schools that serve segregated students of color over those that serve integrated school communities.

When she asked students (organizers for the advocacy group IntegrateNYC4me) how it felt to attend a school that was patrolled by police, Camiscoli received answers like ‘They’re always looking at us,’ ‘Just because we are in a school with lots of black and Latino students doesn’t mean we need police’ and ‘Police can help us, but cops being around too much feels like something is wrong.’ And on the subject of passing through a metal detector: ‘It’s very uncomfortable to go through that experience.’
— Teaching Tolerance