Chalkbeat: "Here's What New York City Students Told Top State Officials About School Segregation"

In July, student activists from IntegrateNYC and Epic Theater Ensemble met with New York state policymakers to share their perspectives on segregation in New York City high schools. Chalkbeat covered the story and featured student testimonies about their own high school experiences of segregation and its implications.

Julisa Perez spoke about the impact IntegrateNYC's school exchange had on her understanding of the racial makeup of her own high school:

"When I went into the [school] exchange, I was really excited to see how different the other school would be. But when I got there, I saw how much of a community that school had and personally, I didn’t feel that in my school. My school is majority white and it’s just very segregated within the school, so [I liked] coming into [a different] school and seeing how much community they had and how friendly they are. They just say hi to each other in the hallways and everybody knows each other and even us. We went in and we’re like strangers and they were so welcoming to us and I know they didn’t have the same experience at our school. That really interested me and that’s how I got into the work."

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