The Bell Podcast Interviews Lead Youth Activist Hebh Jamal

In this episode of the Bell Podcast, Hebh Jamal shares her path to student activism, and illustrates how inequity permeates New York City high schools.

Specifically, Hebh zones in on how the high school application process in New York City perpetuates school segregation and disadvantages poor students and students who have attended underfunded middle schools:

"Some of [the high schools] you need to have an interview for, but you’ve never been prepped for an interview before, or you need to have so many extracurriculars, but you have to take care of your brother and sister after school while your parents work from nine to six. So how is that fair when you are expecting the same kind of outcomes on all students, when all students live totally different lives. Some can go be in a band, and join soccer teams, and have so many things going for them, but other students don’t. So why is one type of student capable of going to a great, prestigious school, and another one is not."

Listen to the entire podcast HERE